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flavoured coffee filter paper

Make your coffee taste like Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Cappuccino or any other flavour. Our Aroma Filters work with every standart filter coffee mashine or hand filter and enrich your every day coffee with finest flavours refined directly in the filter paper.

aromatized hot filter paper

The packagings of our Aroma Filters size 4 are optimized for online- and offline sales. With white rope sewed packing-paper, that is folded to envelopes, the packaing allows it to get send out as a compact mail.

This is super fast, super cheap and sustainable.

••• fully compostable •••

Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour Packagings backside of the flavours Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Cappuccino.
Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour top view with messurements wide and long for size 4
Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour packaging front side of the flavour Cappuccino. Johann von Dancer Logo and Patent showing.

In sales we offer Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate and Cappuccino right now, but we plan to create a lot more flavours with future additions. Hazelnut, Chai Latte, Irish-Cream or Vienna Cinnamon-Mix are in development. Furthermore special editions for christmas or extra caffein are in planning.

A pack of the Aroma Filters size 4 has 16 items in it. This allows a total amount of 160 cups aromatized coffee. The price performance ratio compared to other systems, like capsules, pads, instant or syrup is around 1/3 of the costs.

Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour packaging front Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate. Packing paper with the Aroma Filter Logo and the Johann von Dancer Logo and showing the Patented sign.

We will adapt our application to all types of coffee filter papers. These include formats such as basket filters, pointed filters (E.g. Hario), round filters (E.g. Aeropress) and square papers (E.g. Chemex).

Around 50% of daily coffee drinkers in Western Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil use filter coffee. With our invention, we are opening up new dimensions to this huge market and serve them an unique solution of flavored coffee conveniences.

The segments capsules, pads, instant or the out of home market show already a share of 25% of flavoured coffee products.

Packaging features

Customers love exclusive packagings. We use a rich packing paper that we fold to little envelopes and sew it on the sides. The white print at the beautiful brown striped surface create a sustainable and honest message instantly.

There is the option to send a single pack out by mail. As well customers or online sellers can adapt to that by filling out the address board and franking it obove or by placing a sticker with a matrix-code at the suggusted area.

Infographic Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour Packaging. Mail option with address field and EAN-Code on the right side. Sewed sides with white rope, reminding on coffee sacks, that net together the packging paper. Aphorism on the bottom, cool message that say: easy to love, hard to break, impossible to forget.

Easy to use

Every coffee maker (mashine or hand filter) can be used with our Aroma Filters. The hot water rinses out the precious aromas as it brews.















Folder Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour front and backside on a table of ligh coloured blanks and a cup of coffe. The Johann von Dancer story is written on blue backround and the patent is visuable.

Sales Folder

Download our four DinA4 pages sales folder to view our current B2B offers.

the reinvention of the coffee filter. Aroma Filter Coffee Filter Flavour shelf trays of the taste Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla and Cappuccino with à 20 packs in it of front view.


The global filter coffee market is fregmented in a huge range of brands. A brand world that fits very well of our approach of collaboration.

Partnerships can appear in different ways, Co-Branding, Licensing, Exclusivities and customized editions are all optional concepts for a common success.

We partnered up with the Birmingham based Coffee Filter Brand EDESIA ESPRESS to launch the product-line of Caramel to the UK market.

If you are a business owner and being interessted to become part of the Aroma Filter success story, you are pleased to fill out the contact form below for a first acquainting.

Johann von Dancer staying at the main square in his city Bayreuth around the year 1900 in the middle of some goose. Obove the housefront on the right coloured sun is rising.

Founding legend

In the turmoil of the upcoming century our founder Johann was already working in several jobs until he finally found his calling as an entrepreneur.

In search of meaning, drifting, like so many at the beginning of the nascent twenties. The grandson of a goose farmer were invited one day to pitch his innovative ideas at a large stage of the University of Munich.

The day before the event, and after viewing the guest list, he felt his first idea was no longer sufficient and he went for a walk to philosophize.

The next morning he simply presented his new idea, the Aroma Filters, and met enthusiasm.

Already one year later, he held a patent for the aromatization of hot filter paper in his hands and thus laid the foundation stone for the future corporation.

get in touch

We are looking forward to get in touch with you. Either you are a business owner from around the world and you are interessted in trading our Aroma Filters, or you are a consumer and intend to give us feedback.

Aroma Filter Carsten Norbert Johann von Dancer Detzer Kaffeefilter mit Geschmack Office Production Coffee Flavour Bayreuth Bad Berneck Erfinder Entropie Entropieneur Entrepreneur Inventor Startup Founder